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The Pathetic anti-human rants of the Reich Wing Americans

I grew up in what is most properly called “middle America”. Moving around in the areas between Tennessee, Arkansas, and Missouri, the regular old America was something I thought I knew. It was filled with a fondness for ‘country living’ and the sounds that ranged from Sinatra to Conway Twitty from Donovan to the Eagles. I didn’t hear radio that was rooted in partisanship. The only division on the radio was between the religious stations, the stale news stations that were great for fishing reports, and the different genres of music. But there was not a strong partisan environment anywhere near me.¬†The only political opinions my parents had related to Scottish and English issues.¬†Occasionally, there would be a peak politic moment in the nation but there wasn’t Limbaugh type character who could turn it into a big pile of puss in no time.
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