The Pathetic anti-human rants of the Reich Wing Americans

I grew up in what is most properly called “middle America”. Moving around in the areas between Tennessee, Arkansas, and Missouri, the regular old America was something I thought I knew. It was filled with a fondness for ‘country living’ and the sounds that ranged from Sinatra to Conway Twitty from Donovan to the Eagles. I didn’t hear radio that was rooted in partisanship. The only division on the radio was between the religious stations, the stale news stations that were great for fishing reports, and the different genres of music. But there was not a strong partisan environment anywhere near me. The only political opinions my parents had related to Scottish and English issues. Occasionally, there would be a peak politic moment in the nation but there wasn’t Limbaugh type character who could turn it into a big pile of puss in no time.

Today, there is a class of citizens who are engorging themselves on hatred for ‘liberals’ or ‘libtards’ or ‘libs’. They don’t engage in a meaningful discussion about policy when doing this but simply throw out a silly unexamined label to stump any further examination. Stephen Colbert said this best when discussing the topic with a GOP strategist, paraphrased  “If I can throw a label on you then I don’t have to pay attention to what you say.”

Today one of these blathering fools took up the time to spew the following:
“you mean Democrats are upset to have to remove those rose-colored glasses and see things for what they really are. Truth, reality, that’s what Democrats call Negative. Unfortunately, not all of us are out hiking, drinking beer, hanging around the college campus discussing philosophy, being tardy, some of us have to work and pay bills and think for ourselves and take care of ourselves and not wait for the government to tell us what to eat and when.”

Yes, Yes, I know…don’t feed the trolls. Don’t get caught in their rhetoric. “don’t watch that stuff”…. Unfortunately, this didn’t stop the 2010 sweep of the House of Representatives. “You Mean Democrats” says the reich winger. Mean…not exactly monopolized by any sector of the political community. Mean…not unlike the rantings of idiot tool Michelle Malkin. Malkin looks like she’s about to pop a fuse very time she gets on TV and spews anti-liberal nonsense about how racist and vile they are. I wouldn’t buy her act if she did it all pollyanna but clearly she’s got some issues with her “mean” side. You could compress all the times she’s smiled or laugh into a 10 sec bump while her sneer and hateful scowls would fill library after library.

Are we to believe that “liberals” are the weak who won’t defend yet the aggressors who are a threat to the physical harm of the “conservatives” of America? What utter nonsense. Yes, many “liberals” or “progressives” are agitated in their manner and rhetoric. But if you look at their policies, show where they advocate violent policies. While their ideological (apparently opposite) opponents advocate violent policies while coating much of it with genteel manner. Why raise a brow when bombing people…right?

Light Bulbs and Abortions
The Tea Party was nothing more than a rebranding of the same old fools. They haven’t the courage to simply be Republicans, which they were, but instead came out with this faux patriotism (jingoism) and red scare nonsense. These people would have burned the U.S. founding fathers as insurrectionists.  They are the loyalists who would have done anything for King George III and how they parade as people who have an inkling of what a Tea Party would have been.

Then when they got power, did they keep their promises to stick to the economy? Hell NO.
Light bulbs….
What sort of moron thinks it is a wise comment to fight hard for your right to a completely inefficient energy device simply because you don’t want the gubment to tell you what to do. This sort of nonsense took up valuable time with staffers and energy to run the House building while the GOP blew their ideological wad all over the Congress. NPR, Planned Parenthood, ACORN, and more were the targets before that election and yet the media sold the bill of goods as “they’re focused on the economy”.

Joe Barton’s full of shit when he makes this case. He doesn’t give a shit about what sort of lighbulbs are available to buy because he can afford whatever he’d like and doesn’t give a rats ass about poor people or their health, their ability to have energy in the future, or their ability to breathe.

The Conservative Energy Plan is: Burn up everything and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t.
That is their platform. That is their agenda. Don’t tell them what they can and can’t do or else.
That isn’t conserving anything except their selfish aims and visions.

Yet, we are to believe that it is the “liberals” who are the evil lot. It is the “liberals” who don’t value life, the earth, or society. It is the “liberals” who want to destroy society with their “filth” and “vile lifestyles”…yet…look at where the massive amount of porn viewing takes place…look at who patronizes strip bars, the images of women with big tits, fast cars and a lifestyle that doesn’t like to be told what to do…It isn’t the “liberal” doing this…

Look at the idiots like Ted Nuggent who thinks he’s a big man because he kills animals. This has been his yokel schtick for too long. His only real accomplishment isn’t his music but still being able to pop up as a sideshow act with his goofy yokel grin and his pathetic overcompensation. The worst part is he’s a physical reflection of O’Reilly’s id.

I’m not a “liberal” but I don’t have a problem with someone being that. I grew up around people who were thought of as “conservative” and lived no different than many of them. I grew up with tractors, guns, animals and churches. I was a kid in tune with farming and nature and didn’t have divisive politics in my life. I didn’t have a macho military or police authority type in my life just hard working parents, aunts and uncles.

My only experience with violence was the typical school bully. I didn’t grow up thinking about a violent world or being mugged. I didn’t grow up afraid. Yet, I met people as I went to college who were very afraid of parts of the world. I thought they were utterly irrational at times. I often rely upon the innocence of my youth to keep bearing on views I encounter later. If I didn’t grow up in a polarized house, why should I honor this polarized nonsense outside, I thought.

But in time, there has come a point where I need to say that one side is being the main agitator here. The people who keep parading their “conservative” agenda around are fucking up our society. They are trying to dictate their ideology on areas where they have no business. In order to do so, they impugn the integrity of hard working people, they elevate the haves over the half-nots while claiming to be Christian. They play softball when one of their own calls a college student a “slut” and then double down when others defend her.

This lot, have lost their way. They aren’t dealing with a full deck. I don’t care if the truthers are also nuts when the news is being taken up by Birthers. The Truthers aren’t taking up the news and got properly relegated to the dustbin. But the Birthers are in office and are playing these mean spirited politics daily.

So when I read one of their own come out and call “liberals”….”mean”….I have to simply shake my head and realize that these people have lost their fucking minds. When they claim Democrats have “rose colored glasses” while denying global climate change is caused by humans…you have to marvel at the contrast that can live in one pathetic reich wing brain after another.  Don’t let these fools continue to dominate the policy that surrounds your life. Its time to stop ignoring these pathogens and start dealing with them.


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