Speaking Truth to Truthers

“9-11 was an inside job” says my friend.
“what’s your proof?” I respond.
“come on, you can’t believe the official story, man! They’re lying.” he snorts.
“I don’t believe any story yet, I asked for proof.”

This conversation represents not just one encounter but nearly a hundred encounters in person and via the net. We have a lot of videos related to George Bush and 9/11 on our pages for historical usage. In all the work I’ve done with this small crew to seek the indictment and imprisonment of the former administration, it never ceases to amaze me the level of intensity this “inside job” view has taken.

No to be very frank, I think Cheney and crew could easily have wanted something Like this but not this…to happen. I know how to draw a punch. I know how to bully bait or find the guy itching for the fight and make it look like self-defense. It was a form of addiction to me as a youth. I loved to level the bully because I hated bullies. But in time, I had to learn who was contributing to the problem with some serious self-reflection and maturation.

Now I look at these administration fools, along with the rants of many other national leaders who do the same fear mongering game, and see that baiting. Even before we announced the intention to invade Iraq you had well documented declarations from Cheney and his best buddies, William Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz, and the other PNAC crew who were clearly looking for a regime change from Syria to Pakistan. Well….how they doin?….

Lets for a moment take 9/11 out of the equation…Lets…leave all the world events in place without that one event…so we’ve seen a subsequent invasion of Iraq but not based on 9/11…because after all it wasn’t because of 9/11 anyway. Afghanistan would not at all be justifiable without 9/11 but if were to look at the well documented aims of the PNAC crew before 9/11…they basically have what they wanted. Syria is in crisis right now and Pakistan is a country with 2 countries inside itself split by ideology.

This map is exactly what they called for before 9/11. This would be ample gain and motive if we were to look at this as a murder case. But somehow, we have this event to account for, 9/11.

The official story goes something like: 19 hijackers were trained in Afghanistan under the guise that they were going to Heaven to get 72 virgins after swearing bayat to OBL. He’s the master terrorist who along with KSM and Zawahiri seek to destroy the U.S. and were all behind 9/11 via Al Qaida ( a non-state entity that engages in terrorism almost exclusively)

The truther story:  Cheney, Bush, and other U.S. government personnel attacked the U.S. with ‘false flag’ operations. False flag means the public is to believe one thing (being attacked by outsider) while the attack was actually orchestrated internally. The Reichstag building being burned then blamed on terrorists is one of the best known examples. Another would be the idea that Roosevelt or others knew the Japanese sought to hit Pearl Harbor. Later evidence lent agreement to this notion but it does so out of the proper knowledge in the contemporary moment. We don’t know what they ‘knew’ versus had access to.

Truther stories vary but almost all of them omit the 19 hijackers or any non-American involvement unless of course you get the predictable association with Mossad mentioned. In some cases, there are people who claim it was all Mossad. In other case, remote control airplanes, passengers never died but were dropped off in Kansas and reassigned new names, etc. These endless stories have few sources and lots of speculation.

There are groups who garner more respect or attention because they are self-proclaimed experts in some field like engineering or pilots. But what still amazes me after so much research is how…they wish for me to let go of the endless pre-9/11 case law, existing repentant people who did engage in terrorism, people who beat our system and spoke out about it, people who willfully admit in many areas of the story while vehemently denying the U.S. case against them.

In order for me to believe any truther story outside of one which I will mention…I have to ignore so many indisputable facts that I simply cannot take the continued “truther” movement with any seriousness.
The only remaining possibility is simply they knew it was coming and let it happen. All other stories of extreme orchestration lack sufficient evidence. But most importantly, it is ignorant of a vast array of facts that exist outside the protected bubble of being an American citizen.

In order to even begin to address how wrong Cheney, Rumsfeld, Haynes, Rodriguez, Martinez, and others in the torture regime were (including John Rizzo), we have to first understand the pre-torture paradigm of dealing with terror threats. It is in looking at those pre-9/11 methods that we can see how utterly incompetent the Cheney apparatus was in counter-terrorism. AKA They didn’t know what they fuck they were doing.

In Ali Soufan’s book Black Banners,  I was endlessly writing up the names and cases while pulling up related case load and public records. In many portions, there were people I had already researched like Abu Zubaydah or Salim Hamdan, but I hadn’t really been aware to pay attention to Abu Jandal, a friend to Salim Hamdan. It is virtually impossible to get a proper read on all these players from the various Washington Post, New York times, articles. Even with the tremendous work of great journalists like Jason Leopold of Truthout or the tireless work of Marcy Wheeler, who has a keen eye for detail, many of these human beings are unknown. And yet, there are endless references to these people in the public space if you take the time.

In the case of Abu Jandal, he was a friend to Salim Hamdan. He is featured in a great documentary called The Oath. This movie interviews the man who goes by this name, Abu Jandal. Abu (father of) Jandal (death) is a nickname give to him for his many years of dedication to fighting in combat. He is …a terrorist…by America standards. Yet, the story is about him wanting Salim Hamdan to be able to be released because he was not a terrorist, he wasn’t like Abu Jandal at all. In fact, he even goes so far as to say, “I’m the one who should be there”.

Or take the story recently featured by Jason Leopold on Hesham Abu Zubaydah the brother of the person we know as Abu Zubaydah in Gitmo. Zayn al-Abidin Muhammad Husayn or “Abu Zubaydah” is known for being waterboarded by CIA contractors James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen (along with other agents not named) under the supervision of Deuce Martinez, Jose Rodriguez, and all the way up to Cheney and Bush in the White House. The treatment of Hesham Abu Zubaydah is detailed by the Leopold article with endless FBI visits, harassment and detention. His crime? He is brother to a man we won’t even charge.

What did Abu Zubaydah do? He was an organizer related to Khalden camp in Afghanistan. A military training facility, pejoratively called a “terrorist camp” by the U.S. According to the best records, Abu Zubaydah never sword bayat (loyalty pledge) to Osama Bin Laden and according to his own CSRTs, was focused instead on Chechnya and thankful for U.S. help in Bosnia. He was ordered by Al Qaida to join with them much like you would imagine mafia crime bosses taking over territory.

How do “Truthers” bottle up all these stories? In some cases, anecdotal speaking, they simply ignore the Saudi, Yemeni, actors, they ignore anyone but the former administration and a set of nameable officials. I’m simply to ignore these items as “made up by the CIA” or some such ad hoc answer.

Let me put out the call like this:
If you have irrefutable proof that Dick Cheney orchestrated 9/11, if you the chain of custody on evidence that can put this man in prison for orchestrating the single largest attack on people outside Hiroshima and Nagasaki, then, I’d like to hear from you. I want to see your evidence and get this man in jail. Instead I have to work with what is in the public space including his endless confessions to war and domestic crimes.

I’m almost galled at the amount of ridiculousness the “truther” movement has resorted to while actual crimes go unpunished. Let the Birther’s be a indicator to you that you can be dismissed easily. I doubt there’s a many ‘truthers’ who don’t vehemently believe this nonsense about remote control planes, thermite, etc. I don’t care how Building 7 went down if the only evidence presented is a repeating video clip and a sample of someone saying “pull it”. Suspicion isn’t evidence.

There are many areas of the official story that are logically flawed and many that are blatantly false. But they don’t severely distort the other known and accepted facts. If Abu Zubaydah wasn’t really number 3 of Al Qaida…it doesn’t suddenly add 2 towers back to the NYC skyline. But it does show that the Cheney torture regime didn’t let the experts do their job, instead they brought in the people who would illicit confessions. Those confessions were meant to satisfy the cold war ignorance that dominated the likes of Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rodriguez, etc. They readily admit their crimes in the broad of daylight.

I’m often only suspicious of one part of the grand conspiracy….(take this with a wink)…I suspect that secret forces planted the Truther story in the public space to make torture permissible. If the critics could appear to be lunatics basking in the remote control plane theories, then all the rest of the crimes would seem normal.

Examples: “did not hear an order issued” coming from Mineta isn’t exactly a smoking gun, though it makes for a great movie line. The problem with this Mineta example and other pithy ones like it, eyewitness accounts are flawed and context is everything. The context of the entire Mineta account does not make the claim that Cheney orchestrated anything. The only thing he commented on that is being used at this level is an order to “shoot down”…which is perhaps a logical plan when you’ve just had 3 airplanes hit your buildings.

As a videographer, I’ve grown annoyed at the so called video experts who think they can see a missile in 5 frames from a security camera that wasn’t wired to run 32fps, 24fps, etc. Can I conclude it isn’t an airplane? nope. I have no way of doing so from those photos. I do agree that other cameras in the area should have captured an incoming airliner. I would like to see that footage released if anyone thought to save it.

Then looking at subsequent photos of the hole in the Pentagon, I’m supposed to determine scale and depth. All great if you can be at the location, but relatively impeded if done by photograph alone. Working for years with 3d Studio Max I can take a photo and figure out almost to the inch what height something is if I have some normal reference points ( a car, person, dog, street sign etc). What I have seen isn’t utterly impossible to be created by a plane impact. But more importantly, I have no evidence of a missile. I have just about as much evidence of a missile as I do of a plane. Instead, I’m supposed to simply accept the inserted ad hoc notion that a missile is what caused the Pentagon strike…no mention of where that missile originated or what happened to the airliner with United Airlines Flight 93 that we do know existed and seems to cease to exist along with the passengers.

The last part of this little tome is an appeal. I really think we need to stop this nonsense. The Alex Jones types who bank on this faux skepticism are no more credible than Rupert Murdoch or the daily tabloids. I grew up enjoying the rantings of some of the alien chasers and new age mystics who paid attention to “harmonic convergence” and other supra phenomena that if you just looked at it just right….you would have utter bliss. I never saw that bliss after paying $5 to attend. I didn’t spend the $5 to get the bliss though…just to know I gave it a witness. Let people believe what they wish, but all serious skeptics know…9/11 wasn’t only an inside job.

If you can’t be skeptical of the truther stories, then you are no skeptic at all. I can’t think of someone who would want a more easily pinned up case against Cheney than would be supposed in the truther story, but…I do know, after 12 years of detailed examination of so many areas of the Cheney crimes, I have yet to see a single person who can prove Cheney and crew orchestrated 9/11.


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