Why is Lance Armstrong on defense instead of Jose Rodriguez, Dick Cheney, Bruce Jessen or James Mitchell?


The priorities in this country are whacked beyond belief. Today we learn that Roger Clemens is found not guilty of lying to Congress related to juicing the ball. At the same time, we’re hearing that Lance Armstrong will be additionally investigated for doping in 2009-2010 based on inference analysis not real detection and on the word of known liars and known dopers.

Yet, Jose Rodriguez goes out and tells us his role in international crimes and we do nothing. What the hell does this tell you about why we’re a laughing stock around the world? Why can Bruce Jessen and James Mitchell walk the streets and yet lesser consequential people are being dragged up all the time for far more scrutiny than these two torture architects?

This is the cost of investigating a Baseball player.
Think about how many children could get a good meal if we spent that money to help them in the mornings instead of chasing down a single athlete with those dollars.

Roger Clemons was accused of lying to Congress about steroids. Big old boy stuck to his guns and the government’s case didn’t convince all the jury. The resulting mistrial should invite us to ask, “was it worth it?” or “was the money well spent?”

Case against Armstrong
Lance Armstrong has been accused. Accusations are easy to make. Did he dope? Did he seek unfair advantages along with an entourage of insiders? After a federal investigation into Armstrong was dropped in February 2012, we should have already asked, why are we paying them to go after people in this manner?

See, the case against Armstrong before February actually had  reasons tax payers should want to know. The case was asking did US Postal Service Team use tax payer money related doping and/or did their doping constitute fraud. It was technically a money laundering case. These things are important when asking if tax payers paid for that activity.

But what if the question isn’t the people’s resources. If the case isn’t about the people’s resources, but a hunt to purify the body of human beings for sport, this isn’t a good use of people’s resources and amounts to what I would consider a violation of my 4th Amendment rights. However, I do not have the ‘right’ to race in sanction races without permission and permission is granted based on conditions. One set of conditions has to do with advantages via  doping. I don’t care if those entities test for access. When it comes to government resources though, we don’t need to be policing our professional athletes with government money.

What could we do instead?
Focus those same dollars on campaigns to stop the youth entering sports from considering doing these things by actively showing them the consequences. Let them understand that in the end, the shortcuts aren’t worth the risks. Many won’t listen but that isn’t your role. Make sure for instance that HGH isn’t found in High School sports.

Truth is, doping and cycling are hooked at the hip. Only a handful of my favorites never confessed or were busted in any way for doping but the greats that I looked up to were. Merckx, Anquetil, Moser,  and others were either busted or professed. Laurent Fignon may have died as  a consequence of his doping. But they are no less miraculous to me.

There are better ways to deal with this issue than racking up a witness list of liars and cheats. Asking Floyd Landis to take the stand is a futile task. I’m not even a lawyer and I could rip his credibility in seconds and sit down and be absolutely confident that the jury would not trust him. He’s the Floyd who cried “Lance”.


We rant and rave about accountability in politicians but do we do anything when they don’t come through? We repeatedly vote these jokes back into office to screw us over and over again. They use our contempt against Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, etc to their own gain then forget those aims when they get up in the House and forget who sent them there, the promises made to get that vote, and the law they swore to uphold.

Why can Jose Rodriguez pimp his book in primetime without sanction? Why wasn’t he arrested the next day because he clearly and publicly admitted to torture. If Lance Armstrong had said, “I doped” months ago, he’d have faced far more serious consequences.

THIS IS ABSURD!!!! This turns our country on its ear.

We have more scrutiny of Lindsey Lohan than Bruce Jessen and Jessen’s actions have international consequences. Ask anyone “who is lindsey lohan and what has she done wrong?” then ask “who is Jose Rodriguez and what did he do wrong?”

The answer will show you what is wrong with this ‘nation’.


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