Asthma relief-Rising above politics

Friends, I know this sounds insane, but I need you to help support a Republican sponsored bill. Why this bill?

HR 6190 allows for the sale of remaining Primatene Mist inhaler stock (no

 further manufacturing of CFC inhalers is taking place) to allow relief until FDA approves the new replacement that are CFC free.The sponsor, R-Michael Burgess is one of those Republicans you love to hate, but…he is an asthmatic. On this side of the revolution, I know a dozen asthmatics in the same boat. As we say, “their longs don’t know red from blue when they’re laying on the ground with their lungs filled”

So, I’m asking you to help me spread the word that, despite the author, The bill is real short and straight to the point. It needs to pass within the next couple of weeks or we have no chance of it being useful. Inhalers are for instant relief…delay this bill…and it might be too late for many.

Why this bill is important: Primatene is over the counter. For those who cannot afford a doctor visit, this is the only help. When money is no object, there are still many who cannot use clenbuteral and other medications. We should help asthmatics by both improving remedies and improving our environment.

it is not lost on us that CFCs are harming ozone layer. We simply need to provide relief now and we already have stock around the country that can be provided before end of year.

Thank you,


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