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Vicious hatred of workers spreads across the land

Today a friend sends a labor mail out of Houston with a link to a story about a woman who lost her job after participating in a strike for a boost in wages up to $10. The story is compelling enough but what stunned my friend the most were the mean comments by people who obviously hate common people, see themselves as superior in deed and rank, and of course have to drop in their obligatory racism regarding “illegals”.

The story revolves around janitor workers in Houston. Texas is a very anti-union state with the ironic title of “right to work” state. There is no “right to work” in Texas under “right to work”. You have a right to shut the fuck up according to Texas law. Don’t like how your employer is treating you? Tough Shit says Texas as it also tries to claim to be a ‘pro-jobs’ state.

(note: Great article from Truthout on Right to Work going to the country)
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